Meet the red pandas!

9fd82e2e-f5c6-4789-9ae4-fecc40ee8012-nature_center_red_panda(Citizen-Times) As you may have heard, red pandas have recently arrived at the WNC Nature Center! Our newest residents, Leafa and Phoenix, give the Prehistoric Appalachia exhibit an exciting start! The female, Leafa, is 10 years old and the male, Phoenix, is 7. They have lived together and have had offspring. They are busy settling into their new home with us at the Center, purposefully away from the public, as they acclimate to their new surroundings.

The introduction of red pandas to the Nature Center may come as a surprise, but a direct relative of the red panda, Bristol’s Panda, was found to live in the Appalachian mountains nearly 5 million years ago. The Prehistoric Appalachia exhibit is a step into the past brought to life by the Miocene epoch uncovered at the Gray Fossil Site in Tennessee. This dig site is filled with the remains of species that we can no longer find around us such as tapirs, rhinoceros and alligators.

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The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


The Fritz ready to bounce their disco/funk/soul into the Orange Peel

the_fritz_asheville-768x591(AshVegas) With a new EP out, and yet another nationwide tour in the works, The Fritz have plenty to be excited about. Friday night they will bring their dance-inducing mix of disco, funk, and rock to a sold-out Orange Peel in support of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.

For long-time fans of the Asheville-based The Fritz, it doesn’t get much better than this. Pigeons is the perfect band to pair with them, the pungent cheese to The Fritz’ funky grenache, a grenache, by the way, that is loaded with songs that have not yet been performed at a show in Asheville.

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In pursuit of the moment: Greg Ormont of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

507816f6e2a1fcd62a25c7ed37056935_xl(Smoky Mountain News)  In a day and age where everything that glistens and captures society’s short attention span is seemingly a smoke screen blurring the lines between appearance and reality, one of the most intricate and sacred of human experiences remains pure and untouched — live music.

At the core of the art of musical performance is the idea of improvisation. It’s a moment in the heat of a show where the energy on both sides of the microphone — between the artist and its audience — pulsates in this ebb and flow that circulates and swirls around the event itself.

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Diversity Productions promotes harmony

ae-diversity-productions-1100x1002(Mountain XPress)  A chance encounter with a cosmic composer was a turning point in Rah Amen’s dynamic career as a musician, event producer and DJ. The founder of Diversity Productions, he draws on his cumulative experiences to curate a series of unique musical and educational events around Asheville.

“Is your space intuition up?” renowned bandleader Sun Ra asked Amen on New Year’s Eve 1985. Amen had loaned his percussion instruments to Sun Ra’s Arkestra for a show in Atlanta. When that band’s percussionist didn’t show up, Amen offered to fill in. Assured the drummer’s space intuition was indeed up, Sun Ra told Amen he could play and handed him a uniform. “They put me in a big robe with a bunch of stars and planets on it, and a big gold hat on my head with a big crystal in the third eye of the hat,” he recalls.

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Everything AVL with Michele Scheve

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