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EverythingAVL Podcasts are up!

All of our current interviews are up on our podcast page! Listen to me talk to old and new friends that create the business of Arts&Entertainment in WNC!

Are YOU part of a creative business in WNC?

Would you like to sit down for a talk that will go live on BizRadio as well as be part of our podcast library? Just let me know! I’d be happy to talk to you!

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Back-to-Back Awesome!

Did you MISS one of the great EverythingAVL shows this week? CANT wait for the show podcasts next week? No worries! Tomorrow on BizRadio we will be replaying this week’s shows at 4:30p and 5p with Matt Rodriguez and Jessica Tomasin!!

Today’s EverythingAVL conversation is with Connect Beyond Festival Jessica Tomasin!

Superstar Jessica Tomasin sits in with me to talk the business of creating a festival meant to inspire and connect creative people. We talk Year two of this innovative festival, which allows the audience to interact with producers of music, video and written word, thru panels discussion and collaboration, April 5-7 in downtown Asheville. How does she get it all done?? Find out today 5:30p today on BizRadio!

Jane Kramer on EverythingAVL!

My first show on EverythingAVL is today at 5:30p with Singer-songwriter Jane Kramer!!

I’m so excited to have her on air today talking about the business of music and sharing a couple of my favorite of her songs Valley of The Bones and Wedding Vows. Valley of the Bones is the title track off her latest album and Wedding Vows are the actual vows she sang to her husband when they got married. We talk a little about first time crowd sourcing and getting started on her third album.

Jane is an amazing and truly beautiful human who is just at the start of her career. Check out more music at

My Phony Businesses

I just got my phone repaired. Back in the saddle of an Asheville-style multitasking life.

It’s hard going without a phone for several days when you have two radio shows (Slumber Party on AFM and the first EverythingAVL coming this Thursday with guest Jane Kramer!), produce a semi-regular comedy show Slice of Life Comedy at the Orange Peel and do dialysis 3-times a week…

Going without a phone means getting on a 5-year-old tower computer to check and keep up with my social media. It’s weird, and strangely familiar, a reminder back to when that was the way everything was done.

Websites in browsers, gmail yelling at me I have too many emails from the last 10 years, no sound(on this particular computer), no games, just square boxes that somehow minimize the value of the tasks. I forget multimedia and get lost on what emails to delete from 2009.

At first, when your phone’s screen is smashed beyond usability, the panic sets in. There’s so much to do, so much to promote and stay on top of, plus, how will I watch The Profit, Judge Judy or the latest Magicians?

You scramble around, borrow boyfriend’s computer on the kitchen table have him text people on your behalf.

Eventually, settle into a routine that’s not that horrible, while you figure out how to sit at the computer to do all your tasks.

Going outside to vape cbd becomes less about what you can get done, or games you can play during that time, and more about how beautiful your backyard is…if only you had something to take a picture of it so you could post it on Instagram…

Finally, by the time you have decided whether you want to fix the screen or just get a new have completely thrown off all your multi-tasking ways and have settled into the amazing quiet of your soul.

You start randomly speaking to people at bars, restaurants and grocery stores, just for the social interactions–a feeling that’s weird, yet again, strangely familiar.

Then, when you finally decide to just get your phone fixed instead of buy a new one (because you have an iPhone and you are thinking about switching to an Android because that’s just too much deal with everything going on in n your life…even tho you can’t quite remember what that all is since you are now 5days in, with no phone and the outside world is just a broken and cracked blur…)

But now I’m back! Yay! The guys at the CPR repair shop always do a good, reasonably affordable, job of putting my life, I mean phone, back together. This is like the third or fourth time i have had my phone fixed. Saved! Restored! (Do I keep doing this on purpose –every now and then to still my mind?–Thoughts for another day).

The weird feeling of holding it again. The million messages crowding the now shiny new screen. Typing this, I also remember the way my right hand cramps holding the phone–even with the knobby-thingy, the way my eyes strain–trying to type the correct little letters with my finger, the way it’s hard to type at all with one arm taking and cleaning my blood and the other arm constantly being squeezed to monitor my blood pressure–the machine ringing in my ear because I’m really bad at keeping my arms still for four-five-hours at a time…

But honestly, It doesn’t take long for me to get back into the swing of a multi-tasking Asheville life-style. I get super excited about all I have going on right now!

This Wednesday, Slumber Party on AFM should be fun because, although I will miss my cohosts Jake and Ali, I’m happy I have Matt Rodriguez(Coco) sitting in. He’s always hilarious and thoughtful– plus, I get to run the boards again which is a multitaskers playground.

On Thursday, I get to interview singer-song writer and friend Jane Kramer for my first interview on EverythingAVL on BizRadio. I want to talk about her beautiful new Album and how she manages the creative-side with the business-side of producing, booking, fundraising etc. I look forward to the hang!!

I’m also psyched to have an upcoming show in a few weeks to promote at Slice of Life Comedy on 4/4 at the OP’s Pulp Lounge! My friend, comedian Mallory Denae will be coming in from Atlanta to feature at it. She used to live and was a beloved comedian in the Asheville area. She now has an interesting take on her career and the comedy website she’s promoting, so she’ll come up a little early and guest on SP too!

I’m not TOTALLY back though. (I have only minimally texted.) I come away with my shiny new screen, happy to only slowly remember the world that waits inside.

I sat out on my porch last early evening, vaping, looking at one of the many gorgeous, calming views I’m grateful to have.

This time I take the picture because Yo i gots’ ta keep my Instagram current.

The Art of Asheville – National Geographic’s take on our Town

Discover up-and-coming painters, potters, and designers in a city that’s brimming with talent.

348s(National Geographic) Over the past decade, this row of brick warehouses and old textile mills along the French Broad River has become a creative hive, twitching with artists and makers like Copus who value deliberate, personal craftsmanship. Exploring the open studios with John Almaguer’s guided art tour shows the amazing range of talent in this city, encompassing the wrought iron objects d’art of blacksmith Zachary Noble and the expressionist animal canvases in the biscuit factory-turned-fine art gallery of painter Daniel McClendon, or the upstairs workshop of Anna Toth, whose Bow and Arrow Apparel makes women’s jeans to measure.

“Big business has capitalized on women’s insecurities,” Toth explains matter-of-factly. “We’ve been reduced to an algorithm that doesn’t fit. As a pattern maker, I find it so satisfying to make a woman feel confident and happy in her own clothing.”

Reinventing the rules is an Asheville tradition — be it visual art, cool crafts, funky music, theater, or film, Asheville is an experimental epicenter — and always has been.

Read the entire feature by Andrew Evans HERE>