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These are the dreams I have:


In the dark and cold

I’m on the ground
Sitting and waiting to take a picture with lots of people
Scoot closer to be in it
Who’s going to take it?
Technology means we don’t need anyone click click
But it was on portrait not landscape and we need to take it again but let’s go inside
We are in an old hotel
Waiting for the sun rise where we will all stand in the window
I look for a spot, and find one where the shades are drawn but I think how easy it is to open them
I wander into a room where people are talking and someone asks someone about his band I ask what band is he in to be polite but he brushes me off I wander into another room, an art gallery and look at the paintings on the wall but am thinking about how that guy brushed me off and how I should wear a wedding ring so people don’t think I’m hitting on them and then my friend from college is there, Barbie brought her as a surprise. She hugs me and the three of us walk into the other room everyone is gathered to watch a movie of memories. I try to sit next to my brother but he is waiting for his wife so I find a place next to my mother. The guy from the band a few rows up turns around and looks at me but I ignore him. My shoes falls off my feet and someone comes over and tells me I need to leave and get comfortable shoes. I leave and wipe a tear out of my eye right when I pass the band guy. I am in a large ballroom and I am told that my hands were replaced with someone else’s for a punishment I don’t remember the crime. But I need to do something before I can get mine back… I wander out if the ballroom to elevators but the ones I find say private and I’m afraid to take them. I see a dining room of ghosts hitting themselves and drinking and laughing but I don’t go in because they are not alive. In the walkway there is a table of food and I start trying everything. My family is there but the event is over and they are taking stuff off the table. A girl tells Meryl Streep that she is just dating her professor to sell her husband’s book. I wander out and go down the elevator to the room of my friend. I was about to ask another woman for a dress to borrow when a pony sits on my lap. I tell her my daughter just asked for a pony as I stroke its head. I say I’m going north to a trip to the beach. She says their family is going south, I ask where, gulf shores? She says closer, I’m there all of the sudden in Biloxi. There has been an oil spill and they are dredging the ocean. I’m watching cranes and men pick up sludge. I help.



He sees me
He looks at me
And I see in his eyes
That he is looking at me
20 years younger.
The me that is still at any age a
Fifteen year old
Smoking a joint in my
Backyard playhouse.
The me who burned thru life
With out of control
Juvenile diabetes.
Burned thru it all
Looking gorgeous
In my ferociousness
Folllowing my dreams.
More assured, carefree
And creative version of me
Yes, I know that look.
I used to see it—all the time.
I would never tell him
That look is of someone
Who fell in love with me
Back When my dreams were on fire and blazed thru my stories
Giving no thought to vanity—Other than a passing amusement,
Whenever I would see it in the eyes of those around me—that
I know now the ones I cast my
Innocent Spell on, back when I was Channeling nothing from myself
I was nothing more really than a current
Rich with living life
Communing with god
Letting my instincts be guided
By spirits, I would only briefly think then, it’s good to be me.
I would never tell him
That I dimmed when I
Had life inside me, that each day I willingly gave that gift
To my child.
That my marriage fell apart
Not because of his
Drinking or drugs or other women
But because I had
That my failed almost brief affair with another man wasn’t because I wanted to, needed to end my marriage but because
It was with a man who also had been captured.
He also had that look of love.
He, unlike my husband still was
Dazzled by me, even in my
Quieting light.
I would not tell him
That I lost my vibrancy then
Because my child Was its rightful
Heir. He would understand but
I would not tell him
I know he loved me even when
When I did not know him.
I would not tell him because
I see what I lost every time
I look at him—a reflection
Too beautiful to ever claim as my own.
I would not want to embarrass him with the secret of knowing
How long he has loved me
The things I can not even remember I did
So long ago.
I would not tell him
As I plot my way back to me
Years have past and my
Child is coming into her own.
I was right to hand over
My reign. She is beautiful
As she tells me her dreams and plots her stories and is mightier
And more ferocious than I ever was.
I do not tell him as I
Hope that look will
Spark in me
A new kingdom
To tame. With him.
If I’m lucky, he will never notice I was gone.