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Today on EverythingAVL, I hang out with my longtime friend and business owner Christine

Today on EverythingAVL on BizRadio Asheville 1350an, I sit down with my longtime friend Christine DiBenedetto. Christine is part owner of Wink Salon in Biltmore Village and has a blog “Big Life, Thin Hair” where she has a body positive attitude. She also has a seminar coming up called Touchy Subjects. Listen in today at 5:30p on 1350am and everything


Stuff of life

I told someone today that my severe health issues(renal failure caused by the dyes the used in my previous vascular brain surgery) come from “my higher being’s desire to get caught up on all my karma in this lifetime so that when I move on from this world, I can move on from this world.” Yes, I’m full AVL.

All Cat + all unique

Our beloved friend & family member, Toby (Tobster, Tobe-Tobe) had beautiful places to adjourn to today…our hearts are broken but full of joyful memories, like how he would always go to the bathroom with me, but look away to the corner because he knew I didn’t like him watching. . Or how he would climb on Matt every night and hold his finger with his “kitty beans” we will miss you till we meet again. Photo by Matt Mittan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️