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Slice of Life Comedy Slumber Party on AFM EverythingAVL with Michele Scheve on BizRadio

Today on EverythingAVL I hang out with the coolest girl in the rooms, Kira Bursky

Listen in to BizRadio Asheville on 1350am or listen live on at 4:30p when I hang out with my new friend, artist and film producer Kira Bursky.

Kira talks about her latest inspiration where she has converted her apartment into a vacation rental with a twist of also being an art instillation. Check this amazing artist out.

Matt & Michele OUTDOORS begins!

We will be hanging out at the 2019 Outdoor Economy Conference on Thursday October 10th and recording on the radio and most platforms for anyone who wants to come by and talk about their Outdoor Business or Service(or just say hi)!
Background on how Matt & Michele OUTDOORS got started:
As many of you know, I have been waiting for a kidney for almost six years now, doing dialysis three times a week. Until earlier this year, I had reduced my life to doing what I loved most (producing Slice of Life Comedy shows and Slumber Party on 103.3FM) in between waiting to get a kidney or die.
My relationship with Matt Mittan four years ago started me in the right direction of really living again, but it wasn’t until this year that I made up my mind to no longer hold myself back from the things that make me REALLY happy.
Part of that journey is simply being Outdoors. Matt has a long and wonderful relationship with nature and is cool to let me hang with his hiking, camping, fishing and boating ways. Over the last five years I have been truly humbled, grateful and thankful. Every day in nature helps me heal with awe and love.
Thank you for being part of our journey.


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This week’s guest on EverythingAVL on BizRadio Asheville, writer Brian Goldstone

A month ago a friend of mine, Carrie Adams posted an article “The New American Homeless” published in The New Republic to her Facebook page. I totally respect Carrie’s views and quality of what she posts and am also very interested in the subject of homelessness in America and specifically Asheville.

I read the (very long) article thru the night. I wanted to set it down many times. It is not easy to read the facts about such a difficult topic. The article focused on Atlanta, but also gave the bigger picture nationally of homelessness.The author Brian Goldstone, is such a good writer, he really helps the reader digest the topic in sensible bites.

The next day I spoke with Matt about how good the article was and how I would love to talk to the writer and bring in Asheville to the topic. Matt said I could set up a phone interview with Brian for my show.

That’s when I looked him up on Facebook and discovered he lives here, in Asheville(!!). He actually just moved here in July.

So long story shorter, I invited Brian to be a guest on my show this week!

You can hear our conversation in two-parts on BizRadio Asheville 1350am and Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-6p, meanwhile please read this very important article!!