This week’s guest on EverythingAVL on BizRadio Asheville, writer Brian Goldstone

A month ago a friend of mine, Carrie Adams posted an article “The New American Homeless” published in The New Republic to her Facebook page. I totally respect Carrie’s views and quality of what she posts and am also very interested in the subject of homelessness in America and specifically Asheville.

I read the (very long) article thru the night. I wanted to set it down many times. It is not easy to read the facts about such a difficult topic. The article focused on Atlanta, but also gave the bigger picture nationally of homelessness.The author Brian Goldstone, is such a good writer, he really helps the reader digest the topic in sensible bites.

The next day I spoke with Matt about how good the article was and how I would love to talk to the writer and bring in Asheville to the topic. Matt said I could set up a phone interview with Brian for my show.

That’s when I looked him up on Facebook and discovered he lives here, in Asheville(!!). He actually just moved here in July.

So long story shorter, I invited Brian to be a guest on my show this week!

You can hear our conversation in two-parts on BizRadio Asheville 1350am and Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-6p, meanwhile please read this very important article!!