Today on EverythingAVL I hang with the amazing Liz Whalen Tallent

Today on EverythingAVL on BizRadio 1350a and At 5:30p, I have a cool conversation with someone I greatly admire for her business savvy, Liz Whalen Tallent. Liz talks about the process and growth that comes with running one of the nation’s most well-known event spaces, The Orange Peel, in downtown AVL.

Today on EverythingAVL I hang with the girl no one can forget Barbie Angell

Today at 5:30p on EverythingAVL on BizRadio 1350am, I hang with a dear friend, the ever creative Barbie Angell. She has written a play about her unusual (and often tragic) life, ” “Death by Sparkle” which will be playing at The Magnetic Theatre on Thursday June 27!

Today’s guest, the Queen of West Asheville

Today on EverythingAVL at 5:30p on BizRadio 1350 am, it is an honor to speak with my charming friend, the Mayor-of-West-Asheville, Alice Oglesby, who lovingly creates the On Haywood map and website. For 15 years, Alice has been key to promoting W AVL businesses with her handy map, helping take the once almost hidden-away neighborhood become the locals and tourists destination it is today. The latest map is available to be picked up tomorrow around the area. Listen online at!

Today on EverythingAVL I hang with my amazing friend Jesse Barry!

Today on EverythingAVL on BizRadio at 5:30-6pm I’ll be hanging with my amazing singer friend, super star Jesse Barry! She talks about(in her words from FB) “some of my early experiences performing as a kid and my struggles through vocal damage and how it has lead me to some of the things I’m doing now (like working for BizRadio)!” We also talk about her shows coming Up with Dirty Logic and her Carol King tribute. Totally love this woman! Check it out today at!